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Hot Springs in Buena Vista, Colorado!

Updated: Mar 13

We are getting closer to springtime and we cannot wait for those warmer temps. Chaffee county has been expanding on hot springs options. Did you know there is strong geothermal activity in the county? We can help you establish new hot springs! In the meantime, let’s check out our local hot springs.

Hot Springs in Buena Vista, Colorado

The 100% natural, bubbling hot springs offer a relaxing experience that will revitalize you. Buena Vista’s hot springs are completely odorless, allowing you to enjoy your soaking experience. Cottonwood Hot Springs and Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort are all in a prime location 10-20 minutes from downtown Buena Vista. You can enjoy these hot springs right after whitewater rafting, downtown shopping, skiing or any Buena Vista adventure. Or come up just to visit our awesome geothermal hot springs, you will be glad you did.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

This pristine Hot Springs Resort is complete with restaurant, lodge, motel unit, cabins, three hot spring pools-one with a slide, gift store, massage therapists and horseback riding. Restaurant features elegant dining in a relaxed, scenic setting. Outdoor patio for your summer dining pleasure.

Cottonwood Hot Springs

Minutes from town the geothermal natural hot springs at Cottonwood Hot Spring were first visited by the Ute Indians. Known for their medicinal and therapeutic properties these casual hot springs include lodging options and various massage therapists.

Treehouse Hot Springs

Treehouse Hot Springs is a private vacation rental with river front property that sits on over an acre of woodlands that includes 450 feet of Chalk Creek frontage! The double octagon cabin is elevated to take advantage of the breathtaking views. The covered private hot springs pool is 27 feet long.

Alpine Hot Springs

Alpine Hot Springs, a vacation home, is surrounded by beautiful ponderosa pines and a year-round creek meanders through the property. Best of all, you have your own natural hot spring soaking pool, right outside your door! Immerse yourself in the splendor of warm waters. As you enjoy soaking in privacy, you will experience the blessing of nature and its wildlife.

Income Opportunity!

We all love the outdoors here: the crisp fresh air, secular views, ultimate privacy, peaceful solitude, and self discovery to new levels. Have you dreamed of owning your own glamping business? This property is perfect for this type of venture.

At Westward Advisors, we have experience with helping landowners with developments, set up businesses, easements, nonprofits and more! We can help you set up your own hot springs, glamping enterprise, co-ops, fractional ownerships, condos, short term rentals and anything you set your imagination to. After all, we made Gravity Haus happen!

How can we help?

At Westward Broker, we can help you set up your businesses with our consulting services.

We can help with:

  • Establishing easements

  • Maintaining easement roads

  • Connecting you with the best professionals in our network

  • Localized mountain expertise in understanding market trends to maximize your income potential.

Local Mountain Experts!

Westward Broker has accumulated over $400 million worth of real estate in its over 15 years it served in Chaffee, Lake, Summit, Park, Clear Creek and Jefferson counties. We are experts when it comes to the understanding of critical deal points such as resort property management, HOA documents, Land conservation easements, water and mineral rights, specific state water access laws and FBO access, and zoning.

We have closed more than 500 property deals and raised over $500 million in monetary capital for investors in the last decade all while building inspiring community support. We devote ourselves to connecting our clients to the best mountain resources we can provide. Our network is focused on Resort, Ranch, Estate, Land, Investment, Public Ownership Projects and Land Preservation/easements.





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