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We Love Chaffee County, Colorado!

Updated: Mar 13

Are you ready to take the pledge?

The Salida Chamber of Commerce has initiated an incredible pledge to unite us all with our love for Chaffee County, Colorado. To every visitor who discovered this inspirational community, they dream of living here one day. Chaffee County is a special place with clean air and water, beautiful landscapes, vibrant small towns, fantastic recreation opportunities and friendly people.

Can’t wait to show Chaffee county how much you love them? Let’s show them right now!

Take the Pledge and receive a FREE Discovery Pass.

The Discovery pass has over $800 in savings on eats, drinks, shops, lodging, and experiences in Buena Vista and Salida, Colorado.


Envision Chaffee Co.

In 2016, a group of concerned citizens came together to discuss the future of Chaffee County. Our community had been discovered and felt at a “tipping point” as population, tourism, traffic, recreation, second home ownership and housing prices continued to grow.

A thriving economy is advantageous for many but members of this Core Team questioned whether the fast-paced changes would threaten the very things that make Chaffee County special. Together, we created The Envision Community Action Plan

Envision Chaffee County engages citizens to sustain and improve our quality of life and to create the future they want as the county grows. The effort is urgently needed. County population grew 5.6% in just two years from 2015 to 2017 and will continue to expand as Colorado adds an expected 1.5 million new residents by 2030.


Chaffee Rec Adopters are energetic and dedicated volunteers who love public lands!

This program was created to address pressing needs as outdoor recreation use and associated impacts on landscapes and watersheds grow. We focus stewardship on dispersed camping and other popular areas of visitation in Chaffee County.

Document and monitor every dispersed campsite in the county by using the Survey 123-Campsite Collector mobile app. Complete new surveys or re-survey sites, and record the stewardship work that you do in the app. You can also report major issues to land managers. You can download the app on Google Play or App Store.


Why Buy and/or Sell with Westward Broker?

Westward Broker has accumulated over $400 million worth of real estate in the 15 years it served in Chaffee, Lake, Summit, Park, Clear Creek and Jefferson counties. We are experts when it comes to the understanding of critical deal points such as resort property management, HOA documents, Land conservation easements, water and mineral rights, specific state water access laws and FBO access, and zoning.

We have closed more than 500 property deals and raised over $500 million in monetary capital for investors in the last decade all while building inspiring community support. We devote ourselves to connecting our clients to the best mountain resources we can provide. Our network is focused on Resort, Ranch, Estate, Land, Investment, Public Ownership Projects and Land Preservation/easements.



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