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Breckenridge : Local Travel Tips

Where do locals eat breakfast? Hang out? Grab a beer? Take their families during peak times? Let's save you the trouble of approaching a local to ask!

Here are some of our favorite places to mingle with community members and new friends from across the globe.

Breakfast at Breck

There's no shortage of places to find good coffee and a hearty breakfast, but slightly off Main Street. Mom's Bakery, in Lincoln is a hot spot for coffee meet ups and small business gatherings. They have what are arguably the best breakfast burritos in town, too!

If you like healthy sandwiches, salads, or wraps, stop by Amazing Grace. The little yellow house on French St. is owned by local Monique Merrill, who can routinely be found hauling herself up mountains at breakneck speeds, as she was one of the world's top adventure racers.

Happiness in a plate

Since 1998 South Ridge Seafood Grill has been serving the finest seafood in the Colorado Rockies. The menu relies heavily on the freshest available seafood but also includes hand cut steaks & fresh Colorado ingredients.

One of Breckenridge's longest standing apres ski spots (this winter, the place turns 35!), the Mi Casa cantina is popping between 3 and 6 p.m every day with weary workers throwing back margaritas and eating Juan's hot wings. Join the fiesta... Mi Casa es su casa.

Indoor Social Spots

You'll be shocked how much hockey goes on around here. More or less every other adult who lives in Summit County plays hockey. On any given night, teams from A, B, C, D and E leagues (plustheBetties all-female league) are out on the ice duking it out.

You can watch (and heckle) for free. There are also public drop-in and figure skating sessions for hockey and skaters of all ages.

Meta Yoga has created an inspiring community space for yoga enthusiasts to practice, explore, and grow. Meta strives to create a space for locals and visitors to call home. Both the studio and yoga school are products of teachers and locals coming together to create a beautiful space for the Breckenridge yoga community to practice and flow.

Winter & Summer Outdoor Social Spots

Yes, we know... there are practically more dogs that live here than people. But where they socialize is where we socialize - the Carter Park dog park.

While our culture of meet-and-greet doesn't involve tackling, licking, watching our dogs engage in such behavior is highly entertaining. If you don't have a dog, bring your sled (and your kids), because this is also the No. 1 sledding spot in town next to the latest one on Airport road next to one of the best kids parks in the County!

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